Hunting for jobs ? Social media is worth a try

Much has been written about social media that help u connect and relive your old memories.And now comes another fascinating aspect.For all those who hit the e-highway scouting for jobs,these sites can indeed turn out to be extremely useful.For,they offer a perfect pedestal to pitch ur talent to prospective employers,which in turn can land u ur dream job.

But before,it’s highly essential that u know the game inside out.

It all starts with head hunting firms hopping on to networking sites to scan potential candidates and narrow their search.This is no surprise,considering more than 14 million Indians have their profile created on Linkedin while the second=largest number of the Facebook users is from India! When it comes to Tweeting, sixth,are not far behind too.

According to Kelly Global Workforce Index 2011,which conducted a study among 97,000 respondants from across 30 countries of which 2,000 were from India alone,about 35% logged into networking sites to track job openings.


Linkedin is fast emerging as a job seeker’s first stopover.And here,having a strong recommendation holds the key.Next are specific groups related to ur industry.Once u join,this would create a set of people possessing similar skills.Also,Jobs less advertised and posted by users find their way to these pages.

What a strict no here is posting anything controversial about ur current or previous organisation,which would turn ur networking game into a disaster.Image


Personal INFO (Keep it safe)

In the last decade private data has become a commodity: it is gathered, bought and sold, and contributes to the primary business of many Internet and information technology companies. At the same time, various formalizations of the notion of ‘privacy’ have been developed and studied by computer scientists. Nevertheless, to date, we lack a theory for the economics of digital privacy, and we propose to close this important gap.Yup….people cannot afford to hide it as they have became a sticky whip of social networking sites,but have to control themselves….I’m also one of the jerk… :-P….but suddenly thought to post this blog.
Concretely, we propose to develop the theory to address the following questions:
How should a market for private data be structured? How can we design an auction that accommodates issues specific to private data analysis: that the buyer of private data often wishes to buy from a representative sample from the population, and that individuals value for Imagetheir privacy can itself be a very sensitive piece of information?
How should we structure other markets to properly account for participants concerns about privacy? How should we properly model privacy in auction settings, and design markets to address issues relating to utility for privacy?
Our investigation of these questions will blend models and methods from several relevant fields, including computer science, economics, algorithmic game theory and machine learning.